Biocenter Transgenic and Tissue Phenotyping Core Facility

Overview of Services

Services for gene-modified mice

The BCO Transgenic and Tissue Phenotyping (BCO-TTP) Core Facility offers services related to gene modified mice such as generation, cryopreservation, recovery and rederivation of mutant lines and serves as the Finnish node of Infrafrontier/European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA) (

In addition, BCO-TTP coordinates the Finnish participation in the Infrafrontier ESFRI and activities of the Biocenter Finland Model Organisms ( and the BF FinGMice networks (
We follow the national legislation, EU guidelines and 3R principles: replacement, reduction and refinement in all our operations.

Tissue Phenotyping and Histology services

For tissue phenotyping Hamamatsu S60 slide scanner and Visiopharm image analysis software for quantification of tissue properties are available. Slide scanner is operated by TTP core personnel

Biocenter histology lab offers services, equipment and space for tissue processing, sectioning and staining. It is located in the 4th floor in Kieppi building, Aapistie 5A, 479B. 

  • Tissue processor, slide stainer and film coverslipper are operated by TTP core personnel.
  • For other instruments there is open access after user training. These include: tissue embedding console, para trimmer, cryotome, two microtomes, slide printer, cassette printer, staining hood, stereo microscope with camera, two heating ovens and vibratome.


Reetta Hinttala
TTP Core coordinator
0294 486135

Anne Heikkinen
Research specialist
0294 486133


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday to Friday
7:30 to 16.00

Aapistie 5A, 469B, 478B, 479B

Biocenter Oulu
University of Oulu
90220 Oulu

Links and Resources

  1. Transgenic and Tissue Phenotyping Core Facility Website
  2. Infrafrontier Website
  3. Biocenter Finland Website
  4. FinGMice


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TTP Core Facility


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