Biocenter Sequencing Center

Overview of Services

We offer services in capillary sequencing and next-generation sequencing projects. We also provide equipment for other type of DNA/RNA analyses. Following services are provided for the entire research community:

  • PCR product and plasmid sequencing
    • Capillary sequencing
  • Genomic and transcriptomic sequencing
    • RNA-Seq
    • Exome sequencing
    • Gene panel/amplicon sequencing
    • Sequencing runs for libraries prepared by the customers
  • DNA/RNA isolation services
  • Automated pipetting
  • DNA/RNA electrophoresis
  • qPCR analyses

To get started with your Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) project:

We offer help in experiment planning and in selection of the most suitable platform. As number of parameters vary for a sequencing run (type of application, starting material, number of reads, number of samples to be pooled etc.), all new NGS experiments are started by arranging a project initiation meeting. In the initiation meeting all aspects of the project are discussed, including data analysis issues, to assist the researcher in designing the experiment to ensure the optimal experiment setup and sample preparation. Also the cost and schedule estimates are provided in these meetings.


Katri Pylkäs PhD, Docent

Laboratory Personnel

Annika Väntänen
Meeri Otsukka
Leena Keskitalo
Mari Sujala
Anna Tervasmäki

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday to Friday


Biocenter Oulu facilities
Medical Campus
Aapistie 5A 90220 Oulu
Rm 448B

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Katri Pylkäs
Kontinkangas, 303A
Marko Suokas
Laboratory Manager
Linnanmaa, B167
DNA/RNA Isolation services

Automated Pipetting

DNA/RNA Electrophoresis

qPCR Analyses